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A photograph isn’t simply a photograph. Sure, it’s a piece of expensive paper, hopefully archival quality so the colors don’t fade. But it’s more than that. A photograph is one of the few pieces of paper we can look at that makes us truly feel something. It can bring us great joy to see our family genuinely smiling and their individual personalities shining through. It can bring us sadness when we see an image of someone who is no longer with us. But we will never forget those moments that are forever captured on a simple piece of paper. They take us back in time to the exact moment the camera shutter was pressed down and the image was created. We will never look at an image of our families and NOT feel something.

My mission is to create more memories for my clients. I don’t just take pictures. Anyone can take a picture - it’s really quite simple. But to create a beautiful, lasting memory that forever holds that moment of your life in time is something much more. That’s where my passion lies.

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