That's what we believe.

Connecting with people is the most important part of capturing a great image. As a photographer, you have to connect with the people in your images and do that in a way that anyone who sees that image feels the same connection. Otherwise, all you have is a boring photo that may be technically right but says nothing.

Whether you're a business owner wanting to target the people you serve, or a marketing manager wanting to send a very specific message to the right audience, your images need to tell a story.

We specialize in telling your story with high quality images that connect on a personal level. The service you provide is not boring. Your photography shouldn't be either.

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Rachel Fox

Owner & Photographer

I’m Rachel Fox, and I’ve owned Fox Fotography since 2009, when my husband Justin and I started out photographing weddings. After about seven years of weddings, my husband went back into his field while I changed directions to focus on business and portrait photography. My background was in Marketing and in working events for a large credit union, and I understood both the creative perspective of photography and the business needs of effectively using images for marketing and public relations.

It’s been an amazing business journey, and I love helping others succeed by creating artistic images that set them apart. Every client provides a new challenge, and it’s my goal to help you become more profitable by showing off your work in a way that draws in new clients. You work hard, and your images should work just as hard for you.