Lillian & Richard’s Maternity Session – Washington Oaks Gardens – Palm Coast Maternity Photographer

It honestly feels like just yesterday, I was the one in front of the camera having my own maternity photos done by our friends Chad and Krissy Weeks with Ivey Pictures at the same location at this gorgeous session – Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. So much has changed in the nearly four years since that hot, summer day. For starters, I have two children now! Yep, that happened. I’m doing much more maternity and newborn work than wedding work these days, which I totally welcome with open arms. There’s something incredible about watching a woman become a mother for the first time.

When we did primarily weddings, we used to do a full fledged presentation of the wedding photos several weeks after the wedding for them to see the images for the first time. It was really special to be there as they re-lived those moments through our lenses. But one of the things I always used to ask was, “So do you feel any different now that you’re married?” And they almost always said, “Nope! Feels the same!” And we would all laugh.

That is most definitely not the way it goes between maternity session and newborn session. If you were to ask a new mom while she’s holding her newborn in her arms if she feels any different, the way she feels honestly can’t be described. There is a piece of her heart permanently outside of her body, and that piece has a name, and she is holding him or her right there. She fought the battle of labor – and it is a mental and physical battle – and now she is holding the most amazing reward for hard work that ever exists. It is a universal bond that transcends generations. She will never feel the same as she did before it, and that’s a beautiful thing.

When Lillian and I were talking about location ideas for her session, she mentioned Washington Oaks, and it was just meant to be. That’s one of my favorite places to shoot, and I’ve honestly been wanting to do someone else’s maternity session there since we did our own maternity photos there four years ago. I always say if you’re doing a beach session, pick a really visually interesting beach like Washington Oaks or Big Talbot – even Atlantic Beach, which has the cute shops you can also do photos around. The plain old beach is just kind of, well, plain. It’s sand and water and the occasional sea oat. Let’s just be honest.

I cannot wait to meet Lillian and Richard’s baby girl in the next month or so. These two already know how to roll with the punches, which is one of the key ingredients in being parents. Our original beach location was scrapped right after we arrived at Washington Oaks, because the beach access is closed for storm damage repair. But my good friend Cailin Smith Photography just happened to also be there photographing an engagement session, and she knew of a private access we could use for the beach portion of our session. Thank you, Cailin!

This might just be my favorite maternity session to date. I hope you enjoy it as well!

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